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Executive Producer: Ashley March
Co-Executive Producer: Andy Rivera
Producer: Robert Barnete
Associate Producer: Jacqueline B. Mars

Director of Photography: Justin Chiet


Production Designer: David Dwyer 


Costume Designer: Stefanie Cytron

Property Master: Ross Chirico, Chirico Design
Post-Production Editor: Sardar Aziz
SFX Advisor: Elizabeth Andrade, Pixeldust Studios
Sound Advisor: Kevin Hill, Studio Unknown

King Lear, directed by award-winner Alexander Barnett, was filmed on location under a SAG-AFTRA New Media contract.  King Lear was shot in its entirety with some slight editing.  To maintain artistic unity of vision, interiors and exteriors were be shot on a soundstage.  This is not  a filmed stage production.  The film will be released in  in 2017.