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Poster for King Lear
             Poster for King Lear
Lear banishes Kent Alexander Barnett Peter Holdway Shakespeare film.jpg
 Lear banishes Kent: Alexander Barnett, Peter Holdway (Kent),
 Steve Lebens (Albany)
 Cordelia defends herself Lear Barnett
 Cordelia Alexander Cohler) pleads for understanding: France
 (Cezar Constantine)
Fool Kent Lear Barnett
Fool (Aaron Strand) teases Kent: Peter Holdway, Alexander Barnett
Edmund Edgar Barnett Lear
"Fly, Brother."  Edmund (Jared Doreck), Edgar (Eric Michael Smith)
 Lear Fool Knight Kent Barnett
Lear finds Kent stocked: Alexander Barnett, Aaron Strand, Brett                      Lawlor (First Knight), Peter Holdway
King Lear Alexander Barnett
"I gave you all." Alexander Barnett
Lear film Alexander Barnett
"Blow Winds" Alexander Barnett
Alexander Barnett film Shakespeare Lear
Lear defies the storm: Peter Holdway, Alexander Barnett

 Trailer for King Lear
The official website for the new American film version of William Shakespeare's  King Lear
The film, helmed by award-winning director  Alexander Barnett,  was released in the  United States,  the  United KingdomGermany,  Austria,  Hong Kong  and  China  and in  libraries throughout the United States and United Kingdom October  2017.  The  15 episode version  of the film is also available worldwide.  King Lear is streaming in English across the European continent  here.
For a look at stills and behind the scenes footage go   here   and   here.  
For more information on the production please visit the IMDb page.
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Edmund Gloucester Barnett Lear

Edmund plots: Jim Zidar (Gloucester), Jared Doreck (Edmund)


Goneril Albany Lear Barnett

"I know his heart." Goneril (Leah Filley), Steve Lebens                    
Still Lear Alexander Barnett film
"I did her wrong." Alexander Barnett
Lear Goneril Alexander Barnett Regan 
"Will you take her by the hand?" Alexander Barnett,
Regan (Samantha Dena), Leah Filley
Barnett  Lear Fool Kent 
Searching for Lear: Alexander Barnett, Peter Holdway,
Aaron Strand
Beggar Alexander Barnett film Shakespeare 
 Beggar (Philip Fletcher)